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We have experienced personal trainers ready to help you with your journey. Many of our trainers are highly specialized in specific areas.

We have 113 years of personal training experience between our 5 personal trainers.

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Owner & Personal Trainer

D’Nean Cerbone

With over 30 years of experience in bodybuilding and personal training, D’Nean Cerbone is proud to be certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). She is dedicated to helping you improve yourself and achieve overall fitness and body wellness. D’Nean’s extensive background in bodybuilding, along with her experience as a personal trainer and continuous education, enables her to offer a wide range of health and wellness modalities. Her passion for learning and applying new approaches ensures that you receive the best possible care and guidance. Her training and certifications include the ACE Personal training certification, TPI golf fitness certification for rehab, trigger points, myofascial release, corrective exercises, Pilates, and CPR. 

Personal Trainer

Aaron Mathis

Aaron Mathes has been a fitness professional for 35 years. His individualized workouts and nutrition programs are based on sound science, but extend beyond gym exercise and eating plans to the bigger picture of an improved lifestyle. He’s often heard saying “for optimum health, you need to take having fun VERY seriously”. Aaron’s passion for fitness comes from playing ice hockey, snow skiing, riding his dirt bike on the track and enduro rides, riding his mountain bike on the cross country trails, or the bike park and riding his standup jet ski. “If you play hard, you have to train harder’. Aaron is certified by the International Sports Sciences Association as a Specialist in Performance Nutrition and Certified Fitness Instructor, Certified CrossFit Level 1 Instructor, AFPA Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist as well as AFPA Strength And Conditioning Specialist, and PSIA Level 1 Ski Instructor.

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Personal Trainer

Carole Prevost

Carole’s passion is helping seniors maximize their fitness, taking into consideration any physical limitations her clients may have.

“Over my 28 years as a physical therapist, I saw firsthand how general fitness can make all the difference after an injury. Accidents will happen, but those who were regular exercisers recovered much more quickly than those who were sedentary prior to the accident.”

Carole uses the functional training approach, with most exercise performed while standing. In this way, the whole body works in a coordinated way, like normal daily activities. Most clients have been seniors, but also younger folks recovering from neurological injuries.

Personal Trainer

Mercedes Hughes

Mercedes Hughes has been coaching private clients towards their goals for over 25 years. “I have a passion for fitness and pushing my clients beyond the concept of a daily workout. My personal regimen with clients varies but often includes; free weights, kettlebells, Bootcamp, and other high intensity activity.” Mercedes has an intensity based approach to his workouts to motivate and create consistency among clients. His training expertise guarantees results and a great workout.

Personal Trainer

Terry Nelson

Terry has over 40 years of experience as an athlete, coach, and fitness enthusiast. He is a Certified Personal Trainer licensed through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Terry’s training and personal experience with preparing for competing in sports has created a passion for helping people attain functional fitness, strength for sports and competition, a healthy nutritional lifestyle, and the behavioral changes necessary to reaching personal goals. His specialties include; corrective exercise, neuro-muscular and corrective stretching, and training for athletics and nutrition. Terry’s expertise makes him well equipped to work with young students all the way through aging populations.

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List of our Plateload and Free Weights

Life Fitness Double Half Rack
Life Fitness Ab Crunch Bench
Life Fitness Hanging Ab
Life Fitness Preacher Curl
Life Fitness Upright Shoulder Bench
Hammer ISO Lateral Shoulder
Hammer ISO Lateral Decline
Hammer ISO Lateral Row
Hammer ISO Lateral Chest
Hammer ISO Lateral Kneeling Leg Curl
Hammer ISO Wide Chest

Hammer Seated Shrug
Hammer Seated Dip
Hammer Seated Calf
Hammer Horizontal Calf
Hammer Leg Press
Hammer Adjustable Benches/Regular Benches
Hammer Strength Preacher Curl Bench
Hammer Strength Smith
E2 Curl Bars (20 - 110 lbs)
Sissy Squat
LF Hyper Back Extension

Reverse Hyperextension by Rogue
Magnum Dip
Box Jumps Red/Wood
Rubber Fixed Barbells
Steel Fixed Barbells
Rubber Weight Plates
Steel Weight Plates
Rubber Dumbbells
45lbs Power Bars
2 Tier Ab Rack
EZ bar rack
Accessory Rack

List of our Pin-Select / Weight Stack Machines

Spinning Power-Concept
Spinning Power Chain
Dual Pulley Universal
Incline Life Fitness Bench/Rack
Flat Bench/Rack
Flex Fitness Hack Press
BB 45#
BB 55#
Life Fitness Ab Machine PRO2

Life Fitness Dual Pulley Signature
Life Fitness Fly/Delt Machine PRO2
Life Fitness Assisted Chin/Dip Machine PRO2
Life Fitness Chest Press Machine Signature
Life Fitness Shoulder Press Machine Signature
Life Fitness Biceps Curl Machine PRO2
Life Fitness Seated Leg Curl Machine Signature
Life Fitness Seated Leg Extension Machine Signature
Life Fitness Glute Machine Signature
Life Fitness Leg Press Machine Signature

Life Fitness Hip Adduction Machine Signature
Life Fitness Hip Abduction Machine Signature
Life Fitness Triceps Machine Signature
Life Fitness Lateral Raise Machine Signature
Life Fitness Lat Pulldown Machine Signature
Life Fitness Rear Delt Machine Signature
Hammer Strength MTS Biceps Machine
Hammer Strength MTS Leg Extension
Hammer Strength MTS Ab

List of our Functional and Low Impact Equipment

Kettle Bells (10 - 50 lbs)
Medicine Balls (2 - 30 lbs)
KB Rack
Latex Resistance Bands (12)
Fabric Resistance Bands (10)
Yoga Mats (6)
Weighted Balls (2 - 30 lbs)
Foam Rollers (3)
Ab Rollers (2)
Balance Balls, Physio (5)

Balance Half Ball, Bosu (2)
Mini Barbells (2)
Mini/Weighted Plates (5)
Battle Ropes (1)
Tires (5 - up to 350 lbs)

List of our Cardio Machines

Life Fitness Treadmills 95T
Life Fitness Ellipticals 95X
Life Fitness Recumbent Bikes 95R

Life Fitness Upright Bikes 95C
True Upright Bikes
True Recumbent Bikes

True Ellipticals
True Treadmills