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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the memberships?
We offer multiple memberships at Required. Please refer to the memberships page for more information and how to find the best option for you.
Can I bring a friend to work out?
First time guests over 18 years old are eligible for a one time 3-day free pass to workout. After this, day passes are available for $10 or a one week pass for $20. Guests must register in person during staffed hours. Guests under 18 must be registered in person by a parent or legal guardian.
What’s your cancellation policy?
Please visit Required Fitness to cancel during staffed hours. You will fill out a form in person and we will make sure you have fulfilled your contract to cancel.
I have to update my credit card information. what do I do?
Please call or visit Required Fitness to speak to an employee to update your card in our system.
Do you guys have personal trainers?
Required personal trainers are available for all fitness needs! Please see the Trainers page for more information. To make an appointment, call us.
How do I workout if the doors are locked?
During unstaffed hours, your Required Fitness membership keycard operates the scanner next to the front door to allow you 24/7 access to the gym. Security cameras keep an eye on the place during your workout. To EXIT during unstaffed hours, look at the light at the front door, if it is green, you are good to leave! If there is no light, take a few steps back and let it turn green again since it is on a sensor. For more information, please see the video here.
Do you guys have wi-fi?
Yes, we have FREE WI-FI! Just ask a member of staff during membership sign-up or anytime you need.
What’s the age requirement?
One has to be 16 or older to workout alone at Required Fitness. Anyone under 16 has to have supervision during a workout. Anyone under the age of 12 is not permitted on the gym floor at any time. When you sign up for your membership, you have to be 18 years of age or older OR you have to have a parent or legal guardian with you to sign the contract.
Do you guys have locker rooms?
We do have locker rooms! They are located in the back of the gym in the Men & Women’s bathrooms. Bring your own lock and use a free locker during your workout. You can even hit the showers if you like (bring your own towel). We are also excited to announce our NEW Infrared Saunas! Click here for more details.
I am a guest and the front door is locked. How do I get in?
Please call the front desk at 770.429.7878 or ring the doorbell at the front door so our staff can let you in. Please note that guests are only permitted during staffed hours.

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List of our Plateload and Free Weights

Life Fitness Double Half Rack
Life Fitness Ab Crunch Bench
Life Fitness Hanging Ab
Life Fitness Preacher Curl
Life Fitness Upright Shoulder Bench
Hammer ISO Lateral Shoulder
Hammer ISO Lateral Decline
Hammer ISO Lateral Row
Hammer ISO Lateral Chest
Hammer ISO Lateral Kneeling Leg Curl
Hammer ISO Wide Chest

Hammer Seated Shrug
Hammer Seated Dip
Hammer Seated Calf
Hammer Horizontal Calf
Hammer Leg Press
Hammer Adjustable Benches/Regular Benches
Hammer Strength Preacher Curl Bench
Hammer Strength Smith
E2 Curl Bars (20 - 110 lbs)
Sissy Squat
LF Hyper Back Extension

Reverse Hyperextension by Rogue
Magnum Dip
Box Jumps Red/Wood
Rubber Fixed Barbells
Steel Fixed Barbells
Rubber Weight Plates
Steel Weight Plates
Rubber Dumbbells
45lbs Power Bars
2 Tier Ab Rack
EZ bar rack
Accessory Rack

List of our Pin-Select / Weight Stack Machines

Spinning Power-Concept
Spinning Power Chain
Dual Pulley Universal
Incline Life Fitness Bench/Rack
Flat Bench/Rack
Flex Fitness Hack Press
BB 45#
BB 55#
Life Fitness Ab Machine PRO2

Life Fitness Dual Pulley Signature
Life Fitness Fly/Delt Machine PRO2
Life Fitness Assisted Chin/Dip Machine PRO2
Life Fitness Chest Press Machine Signature
Life Fitness Shoulder Press Machine Signature
Life Fitness Biceps Curl Machine PRO2
Life Fitness Seated Leg Curl Machine Signature
Life Fitness Seated Leg Extension Machine Signature
Life Fitness Glute Machine Signature
Life Fitness Leg Press Machine Signature

Life Fitness Hip Adduction Machine Signature
Life Fitness Hip Abduction Machine Signature
Life Fitness Triceps Machine Signature
Life Fitness Lateral Raise Machine Signature
Life Fitness Lat Pulldown Machine Signature
Life Fitness Rear Delt Machine Signature
Hammer Strength MTS Biceps Machine
Hammer Strength MTS Leg Extension
Hammer Strength MTS Ab

List of our Functional and Low Impact Equipment

Kettle Bells (10 - 50 lbs)
Medicine Balls (2 - 30 lbs)
KB Rack
Latex Resistance Bands (12)
Fabric Resistance Bands (10)
Yoga Mats (6)
Weighted Balls (2 - 30 lbs)
Foam Rollers (3)
Ab Rollers (2)
Balance Balls, Physio (5)

Balance Half Ball, Bosu (2)
Mini Barbells (2)
Mini/Weighted Plates (5)
Battle Ropes (1)
Tires (5 - up to 350 lbs)

List of our Cardio Machines

Life Fitness Treadmills 95T
Life Fitness Ellipticals 95X
Life Fitness Recumbent Bikes 95R

Life Fitness Upright Bikes 95C
True Upright Bikes
True Recumbent Bikes

True Ellipticals
True Treadmills