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Our Motto

Community. Faith. Family.

Required Fitness is a warm and family-oriented community that values faith. Our staff will greet you by name as soon as you enter our doors. We pride ourselves on our unique community, setting us apart from other local fitness facilities. As a locally owned gym, we offer all the amenities you need for your fitness journey with 24-hour access for your convenience. At Required Fitness, we foster a supportive atmosphere where members connect and achieve their goals together. Our experienced personal trainers are dedicated to helping you succeed. Choose Required Fitness to be inspired and become the best version of yourself.


Our Equipment

Welcome to Required Fitness, where we offer a diverse range of top-quality equipment to cater to all fitness levels, from novices to seasoned athletes. Get ready to experience the invigorating rush of a heart-pumping workout and incinerate calories with our exceptional lineup of equipment. Kickstart your journey towards a healthier version of yourself today with Required Fitness.

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Free Weights

We offer a wide range of free weights to cater to your fitness needs. Our fully equipped area features mirrored walls, dumbbells ranging from 5 lbs to 120 lbs, barbells, and benches.

Weight Machines

Our facilities boast numerous weight machines for assisted movement, such as cable machines, high-row, assisted chin-up, squat, leg press, leg extension and much more.

Functional and Low Impact

In addition we have TRX, tires, kettlebells, balance balls, yoga mats, and other supports to ensure an effective and well-rounded workout. We also offer a hardwood area for stretching and training.

Cardio Machines

Whether you prefer the treadmill, stair climber, elliptical, upright exercise bike, recumbent exercise bike, or rowing machine, we have your cardio machine covered. No wait, and no maximum time limits.

Relax & Reset

Our Lockers and Saunas

We have Men’s and Women’s locker rooms with showers, and Spiritual Quest Executive Infrared Salt Cave Saunas in each locker room.

Experience pure bliss at Required Fitness with our Executive two-person Himalayan Infrared Salt Cave Sauna. Immerse yourself in the healing power of Himalayan salt and the soothing warmth of far-infrared heat. The state-of-the-art sauna harnesses the detoxifying properties of Himalayan salt and therapeutic effects of LED chroma-therapy, using ultra low EMF. Let the salt eliminate pollutants and allergies, promote restful sleep, and alleviate inflammation. Rejuvenate your body and mind with the perfect combination of Himalayan salt and far-infrared heat.

Fitness for all

Our Trainers

Deannine Cerbone

Owner, Personal Trainer

Man in cap and sunglasses smiling in forest background.

Aaron Mathis

Personal Trainer

Carole Prevost

Personal Trainer

Mercedes Hughes

Personal Trainer

Terry Nelson

Personal Trainer

Many Options

Our Memberships

We offer a wide variety of membership plans. Some with contracts, some without. Click below to see details.


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List of our Plateload and Free Weights

Life Fitness Double Half Rack
Life Fitness Ab Crunch Bench
Life Fitness Hanging Ab
Life Fitness Preacher Curl
Life Fitness Upright Shoulder Bench
Hammer ISO Lateral Shoulder
Hammer ISO Lateral Decline
Hammer ISO Lateral Row
Hammer ISO Lateral Chest
Hammer ISO Lateral Kneeling Leg Curl
Hammer ISO Wide Chest

Hammer Seated Shrug
Hammer Seated Dip
Hammer Seated Calf
Hammer Horizontal Calf
Hammer Leg Press
Hammer Adjustable Benches/Regular Benches
Hammer Strength Preacher Curl Bench
Hammer Strength Smith
E2 Curl Bars (20 - 110 lbs)
Sissy Squat
LF Hyper Back Extension

Reverse Hyperextension by Rogue
Magnum Dip
Box Jumps Red/Wood
Rubber Fixed Barbells
Steel Fixed Barbells
Rubber Weight Plates
Steel Weight Plates
Rubber Dumbbells
45lbs Power Bars
2 Tier Ab Rack
EZ bar rack
Accessory Rack

List of our Pin-Select / Weight Stack Machines

Spinning Power-Concept
Spinning Power Chain
Dual Pulley Universal
Incline Life Fitness Bench/Rack
Flat Bench/Rack
Flex Fitness Hack Press
BB 45#
BB 55#
Life Fitness Ab Machine PRO2

Life Fitness Dual Pulley Signature
Life Fitness Fly/Delt Machine PRO2
Life Fitness Assisted Chin/Dip Machine PRO2
Life Fitness Chest Press Machine Signature
Life Fitness Shoulder Press Machine Signature
Life Fitness Biceps Curl Machine PRO2
Life Fitness Seated Leg Curl Machine Signature
Life Fitness Seated Leg Extension Machine Signature
Life Fitness Glute Machine Signature
Life Fitness Leg Press Machine Signature

Life Fitness Hip Adduction Machine Signature
Life Fitness Hip Abduction Machine Signature
Life Fitness Triceps Machine Signature
Life Fitness Lateral Raise Machine Signature
Life Fitness Lat Pulldown Machine Signature
Life Fitness Rear Delt Machine Signature
Hammer Strength MTS Biceps Machine
Hammer Strength MTS Leg Extension
Hammer Strength MTS Ab

List of our Functional and Low Impact Equipment

Kettle Bells (10 - 50 lbs)
Medicine Balls (2 - 30 lbs)
KB Rack
Latex Resistance Bands (12)
Fabric Resistance Bands (10)
Yoga Mats (6)
Weighted Balls (2 - 30 lbs)
Foam Rollers (3)
Ab Rollers (2)
Balance Balls, Physio (5)

Balance Half Ball, Bosu (2)
Mini Barbells (2)
Mini/Weighted Plates (5)
Battle Ropes (1)
Tires (5 - up to 350 lbs)

List of our Cardio Machines

Life Fitness Treadmills 95T
Life Fitness Ellipticals 95X
Life Fitness Recumbent Bikes 95R

Life Fitness Upright Bikes 95C
True Upright Bikes
True Recumbent Bikes

True Ellipticals
True Treadmills